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Marty MaggioOfficial Music Video - What a Wonderful World featuring Louis Armstrong




Note: We are collecting Marty Maggio audio and video that we do not have.  We will glady pay you for any trouble or time to get this.. Please email me directly at  sax@martymaggio.com /  Also, to preserve any media - Also, If you have VHS tapes or Cassettes we will transfer them to CD and DVD for you of Marty and return the Masters.

Marty at the Winery

Marty Maggio.com currently has all Marty's CD's available to Fans.  Just write us to purchase a copy.. Any money made from Marty's cd's will be applied to this website or a charity donation in Marty's name.

We hope to one day re-master all of Marty's CD's with todays technology and re-release them for his fan's, for personal reasons this project is currently on hold.. but we hope it will be worked out in the near future.


Martymaggio.com and the Maggio Family including Marty's only sister plead to William "Vic" Squier with "CBV Recordings" to find it in his heart to share with Marty's family some unreleased recordings that Marty made at Vic's Home Studio.  We are willing to abide by any terms he wishes to get just copies of the recordings.  We have practically begged Vic to donate or even sell us copies with the understanding they are just for Marty's family, but he just will not, even though at one point he did agree to.  If there is anyone that can help us convince Vic to do this it would be fantastic and you can email us at sax@martymaggio.com

Boots Randolph and Marty Maggio

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